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collaborative hospitality concepts


D E S I G N E D.    D E V E L O P E D.    D E L I V E R E D. 

our mission

At Blank Canvas Collective we aim to simplify the process of creating a hospitality brand. We provide a turn key solution to our partners, so that they can enjoy watching their dream venue become a reality.


The collective provide complete solutions, from concept and brand development, through to interior design, food, beverage and marketing. We provide all of the expertise necessary for opening a sustainable and profitable hospitality business.

What we do

what we do



Developing world class hospitality concepts using local market data, global trends and consumer insights.

Creating logo's, fonts, TOV and guidelines ensuring your brand has

a strong and unique identity.



Concept aligned interior design to create

a complete story

around the venue. Sourcing, ordering and implementing all decorative features.

Dedicated interior designers to each project, plus production and build partners where required.


food + beverage

Designed, tested and trained food and beverage programs matching the concept and brand story.

Ongoing adaptation and redevelopment of menu's based on seasonality, trends or partner requirements.



Building a communication plan with fully integrated channel strategy.


Developing key comms calendars and tactical marketing activity across eCRM, social, experiential and long term brand partnerships. .



Ongoing management of key business performance metrics.


Staff, supplier and partnership resourcing.


Providing ongoing contract based solutions to ensure the business targets are met and optimised against 

financial performance.

Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much

Helen Keller

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