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Rob Sumner Colour Pic.jpg


Rob and his team at sOak are now an 11 strong Cheshire based company with a growing global collection of high profile clients across the bar and restaurant industry. They specialise in unique and unusual serving solutions, ‘experience creators’ and beautiful statement pieces for hospitality and private commissions.

One of Rob’s most notable qualities is his ethical standpoint on sustainably sourced materials. Him and the team pride themselves on their relationship with their suppliers to ensure their timbers are properly acquired with respect for their origins. Rob is also involved in a number of sustainability and reforestation projects and believes in working as carbon neutrally as possible and in giving back what you take.


With this ingrained passion for bringing wood to life, Rob has evolved his methods to combine the best of what nature has to offer with metals, precious metals, glass and ceramics. For Rob, no concept is ever too outlandish, too grand or too intricate. Impossible doesn’t exist!

Today, sOak’s pieces can be found in the most talked-about outlets throughout London, New York, Hong Kong and Dubai. They are fully immersed in the high-end hospitality industry – entrusting Rob’s ‘antiques of the future’ to bars and restaurants across the globe.

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