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Since Anthony’s humble start in the kitchens of London more than 20 years ago, he has worked in many highly respected restaurants including Nobu, Hakasan, Busaba, Tsunami and Annabel’s to name just a few. He has also cooked for many Presidents and Heads of States from all over the world, showcasing his unique and skilled food.

Over the last few years Anthony has been working as a very successful consultant in all corners of the world. Having a passion for not only the cooking, he is often involved in the design in the front and back of house.

Having been part of many successful openings, Chef Anthony decided it was time to open his own restaurant, in is hometown Macau - Root has received a fantastic reception since opening in October 2017. The restaurant design, the team and the beautifully crafted menu all showcase his passion for nature and the wide range of skills and creativity Chef Anthony has.

Anthony's career has taken him to many places, which has most certainly had an effect on the way he looks at food. His style is all about bringing the best out of each ingredient in its natural form, smoking, preserving, pickling are just some of his key cooking traits.

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