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Our "WHY?", with a bit of "What".

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Optimising hospitality in the current climate

blank canvas collective formed with a clear mission. Simplify the process of creating a hospitality brand and help people realise their dream of owning a profitable bar, restaurant, cafe or hotel. Having spent 22 years working in hospitality, it became clear that there is a certain glamour associated with hospitality. Images conjured of sipping martinis at the bar or entertaining friends over some light lunch prepared in your kitchen. Truth however is often quite far removed from this. The hospitality sector is hard. It is an industry that relies on such a wide array of skills from financial management, staff management, HR, health and hygiene, licensing, planning and the list goes on and on. In addition, the margins are small and the hours are long - making it one of the most challenging industries in which to invest and even more challenging to make profitable. Enter blank canvas collective.

The founders of blank canvas have over 60 years combined experience in a multiple disciplines. Interior design, bespoke service ware development, marketing, cuisine and beverage. We also all run our own successful businesses and so have a handle on the financial side of operating in this industry. In working with our partners we aim to take away all of the headache in developing a concept from scratch, leaving them to just enjoy the process of actually seeing it come to life. The process is collaborative, bespoke and most importantly fun. We guide our partners through the process of site finding, licensing, planning, concept, build, budgeting and delivery. We also continue the journey through to post opening ensuring that the consistency of quality is maintained over the long term.

If there was a way to summarise our philosophy it would be the Japanese Kaizen. The art of continual improvement. It is the way that we work internally and it is the philosophy we look to instil in our partners and their teams.

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