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Raspberry + Coconut Cream Soda

A simple recipe for a delicious syrup.

One of the current hot topics around hospitality is sustainability and zero waste. It is something that will no doubt continue to pick up pace (as it should) leading to chefs and bartenders looking at ever more creative ways to use 100 percent of purchased ingredients. Not only does this decrease waste it also increases profitability and cements a story around the dish or drink. So imagine my delight when stumbling across ingredients that are just about to turn and become unusable. These are usually a bargain and can be developed into delicious ingredients for drinks. Recently I had the fortune of finding a 250g punnet of raspberries for 25p, so I decided to turn them into a raspberry and coconut cream soda (cordial). See the simple recipe below.

  1. Take 250g raspberries and place in a bowl with 250g sugar and 100ml cider vinegar (or similar).

  2. Allow to macerate in the refrigerator overnight until all of the juices have been extracted and the sugar dissolved.

  3. Add 200ml of filtered water, 50g coconut oil and half a vanilla pod - place in a vacuum bag. Seal.

  4. Place in a sous vide water bath at 60c for approximately 3 hours.

  5. Strain mixture through a muslin cloth.

  6. Bottle and refrigerate. This should keep for 2 weeks.

In addition to this you could use the pulp to create an amazing fruit leather. Simply spread the pulp thinly on baking paper and place in the oven at the lowest temperature for around 8-10 hours to dehydrate. This fruit leather is an excellent garnish to drinks or food and will keep refrigerated.

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